Power to the People! / by David Spencer-Pierce

Excited to say that I am doing an assistantship and a show, "Power to the People" in conjunction with Frogman's Print Workshop this summer in Omaha Nebraska. All 2016 Frogman's assistants will be participating in a exchange portfolio that will be shown during and after the workshop. Many other shows featuring printmaking are also being shown in conjunction with the workshop and can be found here.


Featuring prints by:

Stephanie Alaniz, James Allan, Muriel Condon, David Contreras, Jules Floss, Amy Haney, Brandon Sanderson, Kayla Seedig, Emily Short, David Spencer-Pierce, Leigh Taylor, Melody Vaughan, Christopher Wallace, and Johanna Winters

Reception:  Friday, July 8, 6:00 - 9:00 PM

July 3-16, 2016

University of Nebraska Omaha                                                                                                               Weber Fine Arts Building                                                                                                                     1st Floor Glass Cases                                                                                                                           Omaha, NE 6810                                                                                                                                     402-554-3436